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Hello Scouters, 

     Cub Master Jason here, I'm the designer of this website. As a member of GSMC-711 Wood Badge course this was one of my ticket items. It's designed to help a pack stay strong and successful. With security in mind, it acts as an effective communication tool between leaders, parents, and scouts.With the help of leaders and Pack Committee Members this Website has the potential to eliminate a lot of confusion. This is my gift to Pack 101.  I will sustain it as long as I am a member of pack 101 and/or Troop 101free of charge. 

     To me, family is one of  the most important parts of scouting.  Many of the boys will grow up and refer to their fellow scouts as brothers.   As a youth, I started as Bobcat Scout and achieved Eagle Scout in 1991.  I've gained MANY MANY brothers in Scouts. 

     Over the past three years serving as Den leader and Cub Master, I have seen areas where the path to Eagle Scout can become murky and often frustrating. Today, serving as a District Committee Member and Unit Commissioner it's my ambition to create more clarity within Catoosa District.

     Many of the pages in this website are dedicated to building a strong scouting foundation, however, a website alone will never create an Eagle Scout.  Becoming an Eagle Scout requires effective leadership. I challenge parents to get off the sidelines and take up the role of Akela. It's a fact... having well trained leaders results in well trained Scouts. Training courses like: Leadership Specific, Baloo, OWL, Youth Protection, and Wood Badge are all EXTREMELY important in keeping BSA organizations healthy and strong.  PLEASE read more about these programs and call me if you have any questions.

     ENJOY this website, keeping in mind, that this website is a work in progress and is constantly under construction. If you have any suggestions PLEASE send me an email.

Yours in Scouts,


BSA Unit Commissioner

Education District Committee Chair

[email protected]

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